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Today I did something a bit out of character. I joined the Bethlehem Garden Club! I’ve always been a self proclaimed brown thumb, but over the years I’ve been improving my skills. I have house plants in every sunny spot in my home, bit by bit, my husband and I have been working the landscaping around the house. And this year marks the maiden voyage of three HUGE raised garden beds that we constructed in our front yard, the only suitable sunny spot of our property. If you happen to walk by and notice them, stop in and check out my progress over the next few months! And wish me luck- the critters in this ‘hood are savage beasts!!

I was sharing with a few other members of the club some of the Ranunculus flower photos I took last year and realized I had never officially blogged them. I decided I should have all of these images in one formal place for people to easily find and enjoy!

I purchased these Ranunculus at the local florist, The Enchanted Garden, and gave them their very own photo session! Some of these framed prints are currently for sale at the flower shop and if you have been in my house you will notice many of them on my walls as well! Enjoy 🙂

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