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A Day of Compassion {A. Hedges Photography Mini-Sessions; a fundraiser to fight cancer}

I read once, probably in a silly Facebook status, something about doing what you love and it being important enough to make a difference in the world. I know that my photography business is (usually) fun and I love doing it. I know that people enjoy my work and seek it out. But am I […]

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Yoga Photography, taking the controversy out of beauty, grace, strength and love.

Yoga photography is seeing an upswing, just as yoga is, as well as photography now that I think of it. “Everyone” does it, some do it well, some stumble or are crippled with lack of confidence, some love to scream it from the mountain tops and some like to show off their skills, even if […]

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The Facebook Algorithm and what it means for you….well, what it means for me. Amy Hedges, Photographer {In My Own Words}

Before I begin I would like to thank Facebook for what it has done for my business. I am fortunate in that I am beginning my 4th, full time year with a successful photography business, by utilizing mainly facebook and word of mouth referrals to build my client base. So yes, I’m grateful for the […]

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I quit.

I give up…I quit…I’m over it…at least for now.      I have recently found a huge disconnect between what I feel in my core is right, good, positive and how I actually lead my life. I need time to get to the bottom of all of this, balance my life back out and find […]

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